Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Solved Problem : "HP BIOS Application Error" and " Setup was unable to create a new system partition"

It is true that once a proverb that says " Experience is the best teacher  . ".  I have just got a real experience when I was trying to reinstall my Netbook, and I got 2 big problems like these:

  1. HP BIOS Application Error, so it could not Initialize System Information . Error messages that appear like this: " The HP bios application selected is corrupted or missing. Please install the application and try again. BIOS application error (501)ENTER - Continue. For more information, please visit: / go / TechCenter / startup " (May 28th,2011: try to disable QUICKWEB/QUICKLOOK on BIOS by pressing F10 key on boot, hope it works for this problem)
  2. After loading files, Windows can not create a file system partition where Windows files will be installed, marked by the error message "  Setup was Unable to create a new system partition  or locate an existing system partition . " So that the installation process can not be continued.
I experienced this when I was trying to reinstall the operating system Windows 7 Ultimate on HP Mini 110-3500 which has been crashed before because of virus infection.
Before installing, I put the installation files of Windows 7 into the flash because it's kind of Netbooks doesn't have a CD / DVD, so it requires media such as flashdisk / external DVD to install Windows on Netbooks. Initially the process runs smoothly, the BIOS on my mainboard is set to first boot from USB-HDD. But problems occur when it will select the drive that will be used to store files where Windows will be installed (Drive C:), Windows can not create the system partition. Ultimately led to disastrous experiment I did, namely that there are formatting the entire drive including the drive HP_TOOLS UEFI ( Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)  of Hewlett-Packard (HP), which should not be removed even formatted, so that if we pressed the F2 key at start , Applications BIOS can not be opened and appear error message as above.

Finally, after asking to Uncle Google, I got a pretty easy way but complicated.. :). There are many things that we need such as:
1. External DVD, lend to your friends if you do not have it. :)

2. Firmware and Software Utility you should download on HP's vendor site ( . At the link please click Drivers and Softwares  then enter your Netbook type (eg HP Mini 110-3500). Select type that matches your property on. After the show the next page, select the Operating System you'll use and then Next. It will display some of the suitable drivers and softwares with your netbook. Note the picture below (click to enlarge).

Click on the Diagnostics menu, it will show the HP System Diagnistic you have downloaded.

3. Hireen's Boot CD (HBCD) to open the Windows installation files that are already copied on the hard drive but can not be accessed / opened with mode GUI (Graphical User Interface). You can download here

4. Flashdisk (2 pieces, 1 GB and 4 GB for each)

The first thing you should do is prepare the Windows installation files on the flash 4 GB (tutorials please see here). run the HP UEFI file you've downloaded and then inserted into a 1GB flash (run that UEFI application on a normal computer). if there is a message about options where to install UEFI, on your hard drive or flashdisk? then select the flashdisk. Now your 1 GB flashdisk will be named HP_TOOLS which contains HP UEFI BIOS settings. .... booting the computer using HBCD in the DVDR and then run MiniXP, then use the PARTITIONWIZARD on Hiren Boot CD, create a logical partition with the allocated size of 1 GB using the FAT32 file system and then give the name of the drive with HP_TOOLS, put your 1 GB flashdisk and copy all the contents of the flashdisk into this drive and then restart.
next booting from flash 4 gb to copy the installation files (done! now Windows installation files have been copied to harddrive), pull 4 GB flashdisk out, restart again by booting using HBCD. select menu "Windows 7 [BootMgr]" at the command prompt (black screen that appears) and then install as usual. Hopefully it will help you to solve your problem like above, if there is something that you want to ask more about this problem, please leave a comment below.


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