Friday, June 10, 2011

HP Deskjet 3900 series driver for Windows 7 and Windows XP

For people who have a HP Deskjet 3900 printer series, perhaps no problems if it is used on the Windows XP, because when the printer released to the market, Windows XP was already released. So this printer is already equipped with a CD driver for Windows XP and earlier Windows versions. However, what if we use it on Windows Vista or 7? Well,until now the manufacturer for this type of HP printer currently does not provide drivers for Windows Vista or Windows 7. They claim that Windows Vista and Windows 7 have the printer driver that already integrated with. But in reality, when we plug the printer into the computer, Windows 7 can not recognize this type of printer. So, how to make it works? Please follow these steps:

First, download the first driver pack in here  or here 
Archive password to unlock:

Once downloaded, then Extrack file on drive D: or E: (in order to be easy to find).
Then click Windows START button, Select Devices and Printers.

Right click and select " Add a printer " Select "Add a local printer"

Select the option "Use an Existing port" , choose USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB) then Next.

Select manufacture "HP", see the column on the right, check whether or not the type of printer HP Deskjet 3900, if there is then click Next.but if not available, click " Have Disk ".

Then locate the folder that had already downloaded , select the file "hpf3900a.inf" then Open. follow the instructions as shown below:

Then you just press the Next button until the Finish button appeared.

Well, now the printer is ready to be used. Hope it works and helpful..!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

How to Install Windows Using USB Drive

Windows is the Operating System software ( Operating System ) which is used by many users as the features that is quite complete and easy to use ( user friendly ). Generally, this software is only available on CD / DVD. Therefore, for computers that does not have a CD / DVD Rom such as Netbook must perform the installation process by using external CD / DVD Rom. It means you must purchase for it?? Oh God.. the price of a CD / DVD-R is not cheap as peanut ..! Well, so we can work around this by installing Windows from USB Flash Drive. Ho do I started? let's see these steps...
Prepare the materials needed, like:
  1. USB Flash Disk with a minimum size of 1 GB for Windows XP, and 4GB for Windows Vista or 7
  2. Bootable CD / DVD Windows (I suggested it is an original Windows CD / DVD)
  3. WinToFlash (please ask to Uncle Google)

Extrack WinToFlash on the computer, then run. Exe file it (WinToFlash.exe). Select the Windows Transfer Setup Wizard as shown below:

click NEXT. Then it will appear like this:

Windows file path is the drive CD / DVD of Windows that will be transferred to the USB Flash Disk. Specify the location by pressing SELECT. And specify the USB drive you'll use it to store Windows files.

WARNING: Make sure that you have backup all files in the flashdisk, because when the transfer process begins, the flash will be formatted first.

Select NEXT, and if there is confirmation that the Flash Disk will be in the format, select YES. Wait until finished.

Plug flasdisk contains Windows files to Netbook or Notebook that will be installed. Just do as well as we install Windows by using the CD / DVD. The first thing we should do is setting the BIOS. For its FIRST BOOT switch to USB HDD, because we will use the storage media (flashdisk). Press the F10 key, then restart ... YES ..

For Windows XP:
after the computer restarted the boot options appear (there are 2 options), first select the option "1st, text mode setup (Boot from. ...) and then press ENTER button, it will go to Setup Windows, such as using a CD. Follow the instructions. wait until the copying process is complete and the computer restarts.
After the computer restarts, it will re-appear the menu as before (there are 2 options), but this time select the second option "2nd, GUI mode setup. Continue Setup + first start of Windows" .Furthermore, the installation process will run again, follow the installation instructions and put your serial number of your Windows CD and after the restart, return again First Boot menu in the BIOS,set it to the hard drive. now remove the flash disk, restart and run the computer as usual. 

For Windows 7:
after the restart will go directly to setup the GUI mode (display of images, not the text based like WinXP). Just follow the steps in the setup mode until it is completed.

Good Luck..