Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Create Bootable Hiren's Boot CD on USB Flashdisk

Hiren's Boot CD (HBCD). Familiar with this software? Yes you right, Hiren's Boot CD is the one of software / tools that is complete enough in performing maintenance or repairs on your computer. In previous versions, HBCD can only be made in the form of a CD for booting. But unfortunately, in Mini Computers like Netbook  that are not equipped by CD / DVD-R,  it is not possible to boot using Hiren's Boot CD on a it. The only way that can be used is booting via USB disk. So this time I will give some tips on how to boot Hiren's Boot CD (HBCD) through flashdisk. Not by way of copy-paste from the CD to the flash, but there are several steps that must be done so that the flash is bootable when booting.

Step one: Download the latest Hiren Boot CD here

Step Two: Formatting a USB stick
It should be noted that all existing data in flashdisk will be lost, so make sure you are backing up all data.
1.       Plug the flash (at least 512 MB ​​or more) into the USB port on a computer that has a CD / DVD-R
2.       Download and run the USB Disk Storage Format (34 KB). Follow the bleak screenshot below:

 Step three: Installing Grub4DOS into the USB stick.
 Download Grub4DOS (187 KB), just save it on your desktop. Then follow the steps as follows:
1.       Right click-select extract all (or if you use WinRAR, selectextract here )

2.       Click NEXT

3.      Now please open the folder "grub4dos" you just extracted. Then run the file grubinst_gui.exe and follow the steps below:

4. Select the drive of your flasdisk, and then click INSTALL.

Step Four: Copy Files to a USB stick.
1.       Insert Hiren Boot CD into the CD / DVD-R on the computer.Then copy all the files on your Hiren CD into the flash.
2.      Also copy grldr and menu.lst in the HBCD folder in the CD to a folder in the root of the flash (not to be placed inside the folder). So it will look like this:

Remember the proverb which says "You'll never know till you have tried", do not be afraid either to learn. Because we usually learn more from mistakes that we did. :)

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